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We help our clients procure Excellent grade agriculture produce reliably from all over India.

Who We are?

We make Impossible possible!!

NDA Agrotech is an agricultural import-export company which is a culmination of brightest minds & practitioners in the agricultural sector founded by Agricultural Experts having strong background in Quality Assurance, testing & procurement.

We have a mission of delivering agricultural produce while ensuring consistent high quality throughout the supply cycle at an affordable cost to you. We are focused on creating value for your business by innovating the supply chain cycle of agricultural produce via ensuring quality maintenance at every step of the procurement to delivery.

Our aim is to build an unbreakable trustworthy relationship with you so that we can help your business reach greater heights by helping you access global markets reliably.

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We are in the business of Creating positive relations

Your Trust &  ever-growing positive relation with our clients matter to us. 

Our Services

We export a wide range of agricultural produce anywhere in the world with a guarantee of a consistent standard of quality throughout the entire process. We have a 100% reliable channels through which you can export your agricultural produce.
We want to help your business reach greater heights by enabling you to reach global markets reliably & with ease.
As our client, we provide you with various Value add services to ease your process of exporting with us as well as enabling you to gain more benefits from the transaction.

We want you to be ahead of the pack,
Get ahead with our ExportEdge Service


We import wide variety agricultural & food products which are certified & adequately Tested against various parameters. It is out utmost priority to ensure the highest standards are kept while importing the products. ​


Are you confused about various certifications? are you tired of never-ending paperwork & red tape? Leave your worries with us. We help you get required certifications for your transactions so that the only thing you have to worry about is growing more crops to export.

Quality maintenance

Most exporters won't care for your products after they are shipped, which means that you will be entirely at fault if the goods spoil or deteriorate in quality. We all have heard of these horror stories from our friends, That's why we give your products the care they deserve. As our client, you will be spoilt with our quality maintenance service where we will be making sure your produce won't deteriorate in quality until it reaches its destination by using various state of the art preservation & packaging methods that are compliant to international standards. Stay worry-free, because we want to export your products with their qualities intact.

Quality Assessment

With our ExportEdge Service, you can assess the quality of your products with our Quality Assurance Lab Tests & compare it with international standards to better understand the pricing of your product. Gone are the days of selling high quality produce cheaply with untrustworthy exporters.


Compliance with international standards with production, harvesting, produce quality & packaging is necessary for the transaction to go smoothly. Often overlooked part of the export process which causes tremendous loss & headaches to farmers & exporters. We take care of the entire compliance process for you. It’s time to quit running to comply with one rule & another instead Export worry-free with us. Let us take care of your worries after all we want your business to grow together with us.

What Our Clients Say

Listen to our clients on how we have enabled them to grow their businesses with reliable & quality exports throughout their business cycles consistently. 

NDA Agrotech
Its quite unfortunate that i was acquainted with NDA Agrotech so late. They have provided me with good quality grains throughout year even with the dynamic demand.
Vivek Rane
Agro-foods Exporter
NDA Agrotech
NDA-Agrotech was able to meet our quality & demand expectations despite a newer export company. We saved far more in expenses thanks to them.
Rajni Nath
Development Company
NDA Agrotech
NDA guys are quite keen on quality & have gone beyond their way to ensure quality in their exports.
Aditya Bhoyar

Our Recent work

  • We have helped more than 20 enterprises to venture into Export operations. 
  • We have active network of over 2000+ Farmers, manufacturers fulfilling every need of Overseas Importers. 













Our Expert Team

We want to give you the best!! that’s why we work with the best.

Engineers, scientists, technicians, academics, Quality analysts, Compliance experts!! You name it & we have them. We are in the business of delivering the promises that are made to you & do it consistently every time you want our help. Our handpicked team of experts make sure we deliver it to you.

We have a combined work experience of over 70 years in the agricultural sector all for the purpose of giving you the highest value with our service.