About Us

NDA Agrotech

Our Story

NDA Agrotech is an agricultural import-export company which is a culmination of brightest minds & practitioners in the agricultural sector founded by Agricultural Experts having strong background in Quality Assurance, testing & procurement.

We have a mission of delivering agricultural produce while ensuring consistent high quality throughout the supply cycle at an affordable cost to you. We are focused on creating value for your business by innovating the supply chain cycle of agricultural produce via ensuring quality maintenance at every step of the procurement to delivery.

Our aim is to build an unbreakable trustworthy relationship with you so that we can help your business reach greater heights by helping you access global markets reliably.

What We Offer

We export a wide range of agricultural produce anywhere in the world with a guarantee of a consistent standard of quality throughout the entire process. 

We Understand Requirements

Clients requirements are of utmost priority to us. We make sure we export products of exact grade, color, size, chemical parameters with specified packaging.

NDA Agrotech

We procure & Ship Precisely ​

Handling the procurement operation with consistent quality checking as well as seamless transporting & packing activities with documentation are our specialties. Sit back & relax while we are efficiently exporting exact cargo as per the order.

NDA Agrotech

We Deliver Best Output​

There is nothing better than a trusted exporter. We at NDA Agrotech wants to make sure you will be receiving accurate & timely deliveries to your port of choice. Least lead time & quality tested products are our priorities.

Our Expert Team

We want to give you the best!! that is why we work with the best.

Engineers, scientists, technicians, academics, Quality analysts, Compliance experts!! You name it & we have them. We are in the business of delivering the promises that are made to you & do it consistently every time you want our help. Our handpicked team of experts make sure we deliver it to you.

We have a combined work experience of over 70 years in the agricultural sector all for the purpose of giving you the highest value with our service.


How we can help you!

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​