Our Services

We take pride in Flawless execution of projects  for our clients. Deadline driven project completion with accurate procurement are our goals.

Meticulous Procurement

We are quite meticulous when it comes to procurement. Research oriented approach with keen eye for grade, size, color, chemical parameters etc.

Completion On Time​

Timely Deliveries are quite crucial for our clients. We know it & we doubly make sure that our clients get the cargo at pre-agreed time.

Perfect Execution​

We pride ourselves with our perfect execution. We don't just promise but we execute it perfectly.

Quality Assurance

We assure the quality of our produce as we have established operations especially for quality testing & preservation.

Our Services

We export a wide range of agricultural produce anywhere in the world with a guarantee of a consistent standard of quality throughout the entire process. We have a 100% reliable channels through which you can export your agricultural produce.


We import wide variety agricultural & food products which are certified & adequately Tested against various parameters. It is out utmost priority to ensure the highest standards are kept while importing the products. ​


Are you confused about various certifications? are you tired of never-ending paperwork & red tape? Leave your worries with us. We help you get required certifications for your transactions so that the only thing you have to worry about is growing more crops to export.

Quality Assessment

With our ExportEdge Service, you can assess the quality of your products with our Quality Assurance Lab Tests & compare it with international standards to better understand the pricing of your product. Gone are the days of selling high quality produce cheaply with untrustworthy exporters.


Compliance with international standards with production, harvesting, produce quality & packaging is necessary for the transaction to go smoothly. Often overlooked part of the export process which causes tremendous loss & headaches to farmers & exporters. We take care of the entire compliance process for you. It’s time to quit running to comply with one rule & another instead Export worry-free with us. Let us take care of your worries after all we want your business to grow together with us.

Quality Maintenance

Most exporters won't care for your products after they are shipped, which means that you will be entirely at fault if the goods spoil or deteriorate in quality. We all have heard of these horror stories from our friends, That's why we give your products the care they deserve. As our client, you will be spoilt with our quality maintenance service where we will be making sure your produce won't deteriorate in quality until it reaches its destination by using various state of the art preservation & packaging methods that are compliant to international standards. Stay worry-free, because we want to export your products with their qualities intact.

Get an Edge over others with our reliable Service.